The ChronDon

The ChronDon

The ChronDon  would like to welcome you to The FAMILY. We pride ourselves on abiding by a certain code of ethics when it comes to creating an AMAZING Pre-roll experience like no predecessor.


At The FAMILY we are all considered "Canna-sseurs" and begin our process by holding council to discuss the QUALITY of The ChronDon from start to finish! 

So we begin with a slow burning leaf from the palm of the Cordia which are completely tobacco free, we then hand pick our top tier premium urban exotic flower and rid it of any stems (never seeds), we then grind it down in a sifter to maintain all cannabinoid structures and product quality, we then do the same process to our premium hemp flower, the final step and most important is adding the "proprietary blend" of concentrates we call the "Mob Sauce" and blend all of these components together. They are then hand stuffed to ensure an even distribution every time for a MOST WANTED experience!! 

The ChronDon is a one of a kind smoking experience and we hope you enjoy them as much as we all do here at The Family. 


Wholesale Only, Must be a Licensed Dispensary in Arizona to Purchase.

Priced per Case. 50 ChronDon's per Case.